01: How To book with a reliable company for trekking in Nepal?
Almost all local companies are reliable depending upon your choice of holidays,
duration, and budget-wise. But one can try Brown Bear Treks & Expeditions,
one of the renowned adventure companies based in Nepal. Brown Bear runs
exciting trips all around Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and in India at Ladakh as well as in
Sikkim. You can search in our home page sites and choose the right holidays,
book accordingly with one and only Brown Bear for Himalayan Adventure
02: What will the weather be like in Nepal?
The weather is fine in most parts of Nepal, however Himalayan weather
sometimes are unpredictable, and depend upon the region of trekking and other
holidays in Nepal and altitude-wise, higher than 2,000 meters day times are
sunny most of the time with cooler morning and evening times.
Nepal with four main seasons spring from March to May and summer / Monsoon
starts from June to August. Includes autumn/fall from September to November,
as well as winter from December to February.
The best favorable seasons for visiting the Himalayas around the spring and autumn
seasons. Can visit in winter also for short moderate trekking and tour also.
03: What ages does the company allow for trekking?
Age is no bar in all our trekking adventures, we have space for all ages from children
from 5 to 70 years old person, as long one is physically, medically, and mentally fit.
In treks that involve high passes of over 5,000 meters then we consider the age
04: How are the foods and accommodations for trekking?
Most trekking regions, in the last few decades, have had good lodge facilities
with excellent, neat, and cozy lodges. Annapurna, Everest, and Langtang regions
fall within popular and mainstream trekking routes with excellent lodges serving
homely cooked food as per the long list of menus. Where trekkers will be delighted

to find food from Continental, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Tibetan, and Nepali meals
as well fresh bakery products in some lodge restaurants.
05: What happens if one is sick on the trek?
Our guide is fully prepared for this kind of situation, we carry a medical kit and the
guides we have gone through yearly medical training, if it’s very serious needs to
be evacuated by any means of transport like a helicopter the safe and quickest
way(for this reason one should have strong travel/ medical insurance to cover this
extra expenses) we will contact our helicopter companies to uplift and evacuate
and then bring it back to the nearest hospital and medical care or in Kathmandu
depending upon distance and circumstances.
06: What to expect on trekking?
Depending upon the area of trekking routes as Nepal is a country of high hills and
downhill, so on a normal trek, there are many ups and downs walking with few
gradual trails, in all trekking routes encountering several mid hills traditional
villages with full of culture and religions with temples or monasteries with prayer
symbol and mani, stupa along the walks, and villagers are friendly and greet you
with smiles.
Forested areas in mid hills are lovely with rhododendron and other alpine trees
with birds chirping and might see some wildlife in some places along the route of
07: Is there facilities to recharge our electronic items as well with Wi-Fi?
Internet, Wi-Fi, and phone are available around every village and large settlement
on route main areas of trekking like in Annapurna, Everest and Langtang as well
around Manaslu. Sometimes the internet and WI-FI are slow and might be
disturbing due to weather-wise.
As well depending on the landscapes around the gorge and deep valleys, the
internet and WI-FI will not reach the areas. One must be prepared and wait until
one reaches certain high places, where communication works.

Electricity available run by hydro-power, as well solar power nearly in all main
villages on route trekking. Only around remote areas where camping is required,
will not have electricity facilities or Wi-Fi for some days.
At every lodge charging fees include per hour and per item, the price differs
from one place to another.
08: Can we have hot showers on trekking?
Hot / Cold showers are available in every lodge where you stay overnights mainly
around popular trekking routes. All lodges charge some amount for using hot-
showers in all standard lodges.