15 Years of experience

Travel and tourism in Nepal come with various challenges that any involved party must have ample experience to succeed. As such, at Brown Bear Trails, we value the skill and expertise of our staff and team members above anything else. Likewise, we have a glorious 15 years’ worth of experience to serve our clients when traveling with us. These years allow us to have a better vision, plan, and understanding of any situation or event during the trip.

Know the Nepalese tourism business in more detail

Nepali Tourism is unique, and the sectors associated with it must have innate ideas regarding the entire sector. As we had come a long way since our inception 15 years ago, we have gathered valuable information about the tourism industry of Nepal. We know the minor details that help make a trip successful. Likewise, it can also be helpful to arrange a safe and secure trip with a unique travel experience.

Experienced Team Members

As one of the leading faces of the Nepali tourism industry, we make it our duty to offer the best experience and guidance to our clients. Thus, we have a competent team of individuals who have tremendous experience in this very forte. Our staff members have traveled across Nepal and overseen various situations that have matured their experience as a companion to other travelers. Their insight on the various aspects of exploring Nepal is essential to any trip across the country.

Quality service and information sharing

As we look to serve the travelers across the world, our services and their standard are critical to the satisfaction of the clients. Similarly, we also prioritize high-quality service and do not compromise the safety, security, and comfort of our valued clients. Likewise, we also have an efficient system to share information among the travelers and the trip team as a whole.

Minimum booking costs

Traveling and exploring the world is a dream to many around the world. So, this dream must be easily accessible to those travel enthusiasts. It is of great importance that we realize all travelers need a fair chance to enjoy their right to travel. We offer trips at a minimum cost so that all kinds of travelers can easily enjoy the riches of Nepal.

Tried and tested trips

As far as traveling and explorations go, the safety of our clients is the absolute priority to us. Thus, we make sure that the trips that we conduct are safe and sound to our team and the travelers. When ensuring the legitimacy of any trip, we try and test them to make sure the trails are safe. All in all, we provide that our trips have the highest standard for security before operating any travel activities.


Customized Trips

As travel lovers ourselves, we understand the need to explore various destinations on your own. Similarly, we also want to visit new places along the journey that might not be on the pre-designed itinerary. So, we allow our clients to come to join us on the trip of their dreams and customize the itinerary as per their liking. We can also include adventure sports, city tours, village explorations, and various other activities that suit the desires of our clients.


Responsible Tourism and CSR

While traveling sure is fun, it is important to comprehend the impact of tourism upon the local heritages. Thus, at Brown Bear Trails, we are fully aware of the activities that we do during the trips. As such, we try and do our best to reduce the impact of our trips on the local surroundings. Moreover, we are also socially responsible and look to the welfare of the rural villages and communities in Nepal. Thus, a certain portion of our profit goes to the remote regions where we seek to help and promote the overall quality of life of people.