Traveling is a way to not just refreshment from a routine lifestyle and is a larger-than-life experience to those from various walks of life. As such, Mr. Chitra Bdr Rayamajhi ( Shekhar ) was one such individual who realized the prospects and possibilities of traveling. As he determined the need for a reliable and trustworthy travel companion, he founded Brown Bear Trails Pvt. Ltd. Brown Bear Trails is more than just a business organization and works to improve the standards of travel and tourism in Nepal. Furthermore, the safety and satisfaction of our clients remain the unwavering requirement on all of our trips.

Mr. Rayamajhi spent his childhood in the lush hills of Bhojpur awing at the sight of the looming Himalayas on the horizon. As he developed a keen sense to travel and explore, he wandered across Nepal and to many destinations across the world. His ability to continuously learn and grow, offered him invaluable experience, which he uses even to date. He continues to be a source of motivation to all those within the organization and many travel aspirants. As he set a benchmark for the company, we seek to provide international standard services with astute delivery.

Moreover, we also have a widespread chain of local service providers and human resources to aid us on our trips. Finally, the associations with national and global organizations have provided credibility to Brown Bear Trails. Our team consists of skilled and experienced staff who have honed their skills with numerous trips and training. Moreover, our staff members also have excellent soft skills and communication ability to address the need of our clients on their trips.

At Brown Bear, we provide various services and trips that take you across Nepal, India, Tibet, and the Maldives. Our trip packages include activities like trekking, tours, peak climbing, expeditions, adventure sports, and family trips to the nations mentioned above. As we take the travelers on the trip of their dream, we provide reasonable prices on all our services so that the trip is worth their time and money.

At Brown Bear Trails Pvt. Ltd., we always look to the support of our clients, including their feedback or constructive criticism. As such, we assure you of improvement in quality that will help us grow as the best and most prominent travel operator in Nepal.

Join us and relish in the immaculate beauty of Nepal in all its glory!